What is Smelter Coin

Smelter Coin is a digital currency from the development of the cryptocurrency block chain, using the "Proof of Stake" (POS) algorithm system. The algorithm on the Smelter Coin is very unique because it is different from the "Proof of Work" algorithm. Data security on the Smelter Coin is located on one of the features in the Smelter Coin Wallet, namely Stake or Masternode. On securing the data for those of you who want to participate in data security will be given a prize. For those of you who want to do Staking or Masternode you don't need to use high computer specifications. You can do it on your personal computer without worrying about getting a small gift. Because gifts to people who do Staking or Masternode are static, they have no effect on the specifications on the computer used.

The aim of the Smelter Coin is as a transaction tool, and also the Smelter Coin you can use as your Digital Asset. Why Digital Assets? Because not all Digital can be used as an Asset. You can use the Smelter Coin as your Digital Asset which is very easy to use, and of course it is very beneficial for those of you who want to make Smelter Coin as your Digital Asset. Smelter Coin only provides 21,000,000 Coins and for Pre Sale only 10%, so it is very limited for those of you who want to have a Smelter Coin.

Data on Smelter coin users is decentralized, which means that all user data is privacy and transaction history is on a transparent network. So for data security it is not possible to change and destroy the data, because all activities including user data have been stored or recorded or recorded in "Block" on the network. What is Block?

What is Blocksmelter

Blocksmelter is a development of Blockchain technology. Blocksmelter is a database ledger that records all transaction and user data activities on Smelter Coin. Every transaction and user data that has been verified will be processed into a "block". The block is related to the previous block, each block performs a cryptographic process to store its data. So that it is impossible for transaction data and user data to be changed or damaged by a group of people. So it can be said that user data and transaction data will be safely stored in blocks.

Blocksmelter also has a decentralized data stored design, and data security is done on a group of people who do Staking and Masternode. So we give gifts to a group of people who have helped to secure the data in a decentralized manner.

Project Smelter

The project at Smelter Coin is our innovation going forward, we have a prototype that is building a new network platform on Smelter Coin so that it is expected that the network on Smelter Coin and other networks that we will integrate into the largest network that can cover the world.

The platform produced two coins namely Gold and Silver. Both of these coins are expected for anyone who has not been able to get the Smelter Coin, will get it in Gold or Silver. The point is for everyone to get the Coin which is used as their Digital Asset, even as an Investment in the future. So we will continue to work on building what is needed by everyone. In fact, we will make many proposals to work together in making all payments that are digitally available on the internet. In order for Smelter Coin, Gold and Silver to be closer to everyone to make digital payments that can be done everyday, anytime, anywhere.