Wallet Setup Guide

How Wallets Work

  • The Smelter Coin wallet can save your Coin as a result of you buying a Smelter Coin or from the results you do Staking or Masternode. This Smelter Coin wallet can also conduct transactions to peer to peer. To be able to conduct peer to peer transactions you must share your unique address with the person who wants to send it, and if you want to make Smelter Coin shipments you must request the recipient's unique destination address. For security on the Smelter Coin Wallet it is very safe, because every user makes security on every transaction on the Smelter Coin. There are several stages in the Smelter Coin Wallet:
  • Step 1 - Install Wallet
    The best way to save your Coin is by using the Desktop Wallet Smelter Coin.
  • Step 2 - Encrypt the Wallet
    Encrypting your wallet is a good idea to prevent other people from using your computer to steal your coins or Wallet.dat files that are on your computer. Don't forget the encryption password. If you lose it, you cannot access your funds. So you are required to protect your personal data.